Monday, November 26, 2012

Scenes from Thanksgiving

Family gatherings in my household always include:

 + A pile of vegetables

+ (but also a roasting bird for the non-vegans)

+ Grandparents who don't like being photographed

+ A dramatic 9 year old who LOVES being photographed

+ Menfolk doing productive things in the garage (in matching coveralls no less)

+ Plenty of discussion about said productivity with new members to the clan

+ A brother participating in Movember

+ A sister who is way more of a morning person than me

+ Culturally insensitive headwear

+ A gratuitous picture around the table

 + iPhones 

+ A mini photo shoot with sister and her husband 
(like, really mini. It was 30°, way too cold for a pair of Texans)

+ A few self-taken pictures that I always find on my camera later

+ Stylish Pinterest-inspired outfits 

It also includes nonstop board games, four kinds of pie, gospel meeting, family stories, 800 cups of coffee, someone disappearing for 3 hours because of an accidental nap (sorry I'm not sorry), pancakes, ultimate frisbee, and lots of laughter.

Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Or cold on a bed of lettuce, depending on your cholesterol level.


  1. Some positive comments, and one negative...

    + Bradly and I cannot stop laughing at the picture of Spencer.
    + That is an excellent picture of Sam.
    + I was only a morning person because I was HOME and excited to see yall yes I said yall.
    + Culturally insensitive CUTE headwear. Seriously, we all rocked the look. Still waiting for a comment from our favorite Indian.
    + Too funny that the iPhone models were accidentally lined up like that. Made for a good picture, although I'm sorry I was one of those people..
    + Love the picture of my husband (what? I have one of those?) and me. He is totally grimacing, not smiling and it makes me laugh.
    + My glasses look black in that selfie and I'm diggin it.
    + Thank you for saying my outfit was stylish.

    - I miss you.

    1. + haha I know he is such a ham
      + yes
      + whatever. you're a morning person all the time, don't lie.
      + you're not going to get one because he doesn't read my blog.
      + ah I should just accept it, didn't you say the iPhone is the 7th member of our family now?
      + haha well he has a very pleasant grimace. I will email you the other nice one when I get home
      + yeah they do
      + you're welcome

      - miss you too, thanks for the comment love :)

  2. So fun to see all of your photos -- although, it makes me miss your family a ridiculous amount. Also, I must say I am particularly enjoying your posts lately - the photos, the quotations, the quips. Keep it up girl, you're fabulous.

  3. thanks Amanda, you're sweet. :) We miss you too! come visit!

  4. Love the pic of your grandparents- was so special to see them late spring.
    And the shot of you all around the table- just sat here and smiled for a bit! Given that you guys (neither the Ross bunch nor the Gary bunch ;) ) were not even in IN when I was there, I sure feel attached to you!! Loved seeing G&K and kids again, too!


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