Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey it's Monday

Baaaah. I don't know about you but Monday post-holiday is always a blue day. I loved being home and spending time with my family so to be up before the sun and back at work on this freezing grey day is not my favorite. But I’m working hard to keep a positive attitude.  Here are few things making my day better:

+ I’m wearing my favorite striped grandpa-style cardigan.

+ Over the weekend I won my very first blog giveaway! It’s a set of winter postcards from one of my favorite bloggers/illustrators: Dinara Mirtalipova. She does such lovely work, please check out her Etsy shop.

+ It’s Cyber Monday, huzzah consumerism! I’ve already scored an amazing deal at Aldo, getting a pair of boots for $41 that were originally $90 (and free shipping too!). There’s also free shipping at Anthropologie’s taking a lot to resist that right now.

+ I have a small LED Christmas tree that plugs into my computer. It is absurd how cheerful it makes me just looking at it. I'm not even a huge Christmas person but it's just so darn cute. 

Shine on, you ridiculous tiny tree

+ A breakfast/lunch place has opened up right next door to my work place. This may seem unremarkable but I work in a village so small there are no stop lights. It consists of my office, a post office, a bunch of empty old buildings, a lumber yard and now this little café. I’m so excited because it means on the days I am too lazy to make my lunch, I can walk next door for a yummy sandwich, instead of nibbling on stale graham crackers from my desk drawer.  Today there’s a cheddar and Havarti grilled cheese over there with my name on it.  Did you know that true love is made of cheese & only costs $4.28? It's true.

+ Trip planning makes me happy: Texas in January and…Switzerland next summer! I can’t wait to go back!

Hope you are finding things to smile about today :)


  1. YAYYY SAN ANTONIOOOO. I have so many plans for us.

    1. :) don't plan TOO much, I may also want to just lay in your backyard and soak up the sun for awhile.

  2. Yay for travel plans!
    I would be in that cafe like every day, I think! I mean- they need to stay afloat, right???


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