Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ellie is...

I guess it's been awhile. again. Sorry. I'm on the Internet enough, you'd think I'd remember to update my blog. I guess I'm more at home on Facebook. I really feel it's more my scene. I don't have a darling husband or cherubic little children. I'm not a cook or how-to guru. I don't have a life-changing journey to a far-away place to chronicle. I'm pretty sure those are the top three types of people that use this particular venue. I'm part of the social networking, setting up class meetings, music and picture sharing set that thrives on Facebook. I usually sum up my days with the one-line status box and communicate with my pals by exchanging snarky comments on each other's walls.

See if you can deduce what happened this week from my status posts:

1.Ellie is not ready for monday.
2.Ellie is trying really hard not to worry about things that are out of her control.
3.Ellie is going to fail the ancient greek engineering exam.
4.Ellie is NAP!
5.Ellie would rather pull out her fingernails than watch the debate.

Here's what you get:
I had a fabulous weekend and was not ready for it to be over. But then I started reading the news, talking to professors and paying way too much attention to the current financial crisis. I had to take a step back and realize that my measly life savings are not really in danger and remember that money is not the most important thing in life! Then I realized whilst I was worrying about the impending economic doom, my ancient greek engineering exam was sneaking up behind me, ready to jump out and scare me because I had forgotten to study for it until the day before. After spending countless futile hours studying, I took the exam and did no better than if I had not studied at all. Counting it a victory that I managed to spell my name and the date right, I fell into bed exhausted. It was an epic nap, so much so that it came back for an encore this afternoon. And then the debates. I decided I am fed up with politics and pundits and people in general so I decided to forgo watching the debate tonight to update my blog.

So you see, the status is just as effective as blogging. Much more succinct. It's sad, really. People aren't interested in your story anymore, just the lesson from it. "Your life history? yeah yeah, just give me the moral of it."

You know what? That makes me angry. Just for the sake of it, I'm going to perservere. Blog on, young one, throwback to the days of old! Who cares if this isn't my scene? Take your two-second attention span to Youtube. If you want the meat of the story, you know where to find me. I'll be here with the cats who do old school things like read books instead of reviews and drink coffee instead of espresso shots. (I know I don't drink coffee but try to roll with the metaphor, alright?) Three cheers for the blogosphere!

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