Monday, November 5, 2012

Inspired By: Frosty Fall Mornings

This morning’s commute felt unusual in that it’s the first time in over a month that I made the whole drive in the daylight. Because of the time change, the sun was already over the horizon by the time I left the driveway. Usually it’s only just risen when I’m pulling into the parking lot. Once I got over the feeling that I was somehow terribly late for work, I got lost watching the lazy dance of the Earth waking up. The now-bare trees were a black silhouette against the watercolor sky of aubergine, orange, pink and blue. The grass—finally green after a dry summer—was shrouded in frost, giving the hills a glittery gray cast in the distance. The color palette shifted quickly but subtly as the sun crept over the trees, changing the scene entirely. The harsh black trees relaxed into a chocolate brown and the fields turned gold, shining wetly in the sunlight. The orange sky faded, as the blue grew bolder. Before I knew it, I had arrived at work, amazed at how fast 50 minutes passed.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not at my most sparkling before 8 am so I’m thankful for a long quiet drive, even more so when I can actually see the landscape around me.

Anyway, long-winded descriptions of my love for nature aside, here are a few things inspired by a frosty fall morning:

+ grow

bouquets of dusty miller

+ wear

watercolor silk

+ eat
fresh-baked fruit tarts and pies, from dark to light
+ create

+ listen

(1)(2) sunrises
(3)(4) dusty miller bouquets
(5) Jil Sanders dress (6) Urban Outfitters skirt 
(7) blackberry jam tart (8) peach and crème fraiche pie
(9) Nick Mira print (10) ombre lips

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  1. I want to eat that entire fruit tart right there. Too yummy. Happy wednesday! :)


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