Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today, I turned 20 years old. I am having a minor qualm about this. I realize everyone who will possibly lay eyes on this post is older than that. So before you sputter in protest that this "youngin doesn't know the first thing about getting old and I wish I was still twenty", and so on, please consider that life occurs in a forward linear progression and I have nothing to compare to age 20.

Let me explain. When I was younger (so, like, last week) I always thought that a twenty-year old would be sage and worldly wise, secure of their position in life, and completely independent. Note to younger self: lies, all of them. I still feel 16, on an extended vacation from my parents' house. I'm still so so naive about the workings of the world and dependent on my family for everything (moral support, intellectual guidance, money, healthcare, etc). I can't even get the oil changed in my car by myself. Hello, pathetic.

That's not to say that I'm desperately seeking a release from my family or something. In fact, completely the opposite. I would be a useless bag of bones without them, honestly. [Hey parents, I appreciate you! ]I just have this feeling like I should be more independent.

Whatever, it's just something I have to get over. I know, my life is just beginning and all that jazz, it's just a mental state. So calm down, oldies.

Inner broodings aside, let's talk about my birthday celebrations. I made it into a weekend event because I like to milk every opportunity to be in the spotlight. Also, I have too many friends to celebrate with at the same time. Yes, my middle name is Humble.

Friday night, my roommate and our floor mates, Lauren and Shannon, took me out to O'Charley's for dinner and it was a really good time. They gave me presents and paid for my dinner! Saturday morning I had to work from 8:45-1 but it wasn't too bad. The time went fast. At 6, I met all the gang from meeting (minus Arun, but he is never here on the weekend anyway) at Olive Garden for dinner. Death threats notwithstanding, they got the wait staff to sing to me and bring me a cake. It was utterly embarrassing. But the cake was good. I waited and waited for my bill but it never came. Convinced I would have to wash dishes on my birthday, I pulled the waitress aside and asked if I could please pay for my food but alas, my kind friends had paid for my meal yet again. (Birthdays are a lucrative business. I wouldn't mind it if I had one every month.) We all went back to the Braund's for some games and I spent the night there, since union meeting was close by the next day (a.k.a today).

I must take the time here to say that while I enjoy spending the night at people's houses, I loathe sleeping on beds that are folded into couches during the day. There is no comfortable way to position yourself on such a matress. This one in particular was quite ridiculous. The middle contained a giant lump and somehow, no matter which end I had my feet, they were always higher than my head. Since I was sharing it with Amanda, I couldn't exactly spread eagle for comfort. I had to fall asleep like a beached whale on a seesaw, with all my major organs slowly sliding into my throat.

This morning (after I got my spleen out of my chest cavity) we went off to meeting. Afterwards, Carole cooked up a big brunch of pancakes, breakfast casserole, and fruit salad. Then they suprised me with a wonderful cake. It was awesome. The morning dissolved into a comfortable afternoon, everyone enjoying the sunshine. Rachel and I laid on the driveway like two lazy cats and stretched our arms out, embracing the warmth that has been absent since early November. It's like we've been underground for the last five months. I hope the sun lasts...

Anyway, here's some pictures (gasp! pictures!) for your viewing pleasure.

Everyone is a star.

Um. We were dancing? Actually, I have no idea. It's just a funny picture in all it's awkwardness.

Rachel, moi, Lauren. Two of my favorite girls!

Joseph and Amanda. precious.

Amanda and me. squint squint.

mmm cake. Joseph made it for me! He should go into the business, it was fantastic.

Me and rooms, because she has been so good to me. I'm excited to live with her next year too!

There are more pictures but they're of the same people as above so you get the idea.

A capital weekend, indeed. I only have a month or so left down here before school breaks for summer, so not much time left. Well, it is high past bed time and officially not my birthday anymore. I have class in six hours so I should catch a wink or two before then. This is Two Decades Eleanora, signing off. Good night, America.

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