Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Weekend

Mixed media piece by Beth Hoeckel

Hello lovelies. What are you up to this weekend? My Dad turns the big 5-0 but thanks to his mostly vegan lifestyle and complete lack of gray hair (much to the disgust of my mother) he looks about 15 years younger. We'll probably have cake for that on Sunday. Here's hoping it's not made out of beans... 
But before that, I'm headed back down to my alma mater for another raucous weekend of fun & by raucous I obviously mean quiet conversation and dignified activities befitting a lady of my station.

Aaaanyway, here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

+ Crazy cool salt labryinth. But let's not lie, first thing I thought when I saw it: "...ain't nobody got time for that."

+ Making a cake with chocolate frosting? Stop what you're doing and use this recipe for chocolate buttercream. Not making a cake right this instant? Bookmark it, seriously! It is the. best. chocolate frosting I have ever tasted. Not only that, it pipes like a dream and holds its shape beautifully.

Toy Stories. These have been killing me all week. Hilarious.

+ Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows how much I love weddings. I be pinnin that stuff left, right, up and down to Chinatown (what?). And I’m not even engaged! Listen, I’m not over here embroidering linens for my hope chest or anything, but I just love weddings. Love them (and this is key) as a thing for other people. I in no way feel any inclination to be a bride myself (let’s be real, my most serious relationship right now is with my lemon tree. That may or may not be slowing dying in the kitchen.) But (as Hattie says), for reals and for serious if I was getting married I would wear this dress that I found yesterday. I’m not even ashamed that I’m that girl right now. So you can just deal with it.

+ A simple wall art DIY

+ A new-ish song from Robert Francis. Anytime I hear his voice I am instantly brought back to that cold March evening, driving away from the perfect weekend in Aminona with Dario, Alaina, and Caro. "Junebug” was playing on Dario’s stereo and I remember laying my tired head against the window, watching the setting sun dip in and out of the mountains. I was perfectly content-- incredibly thankful for everything in life that had led me to that exact moment. 

Listen here

:) Have a good weekend! 


  1. I get OH so excited when I see you have posted something new! And per usual you didn't disappoint:) plus I got a shout out! Fancy fance!


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