Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dead Week

At Purdue, the week before Final Exams is called "Dead Week". The professors call it that because we are technically not allowed to have any exams during this week in preparation for finals. The students, however, think this is an oxymoron. It is anything BUT dead. All our final presentations, papers, and homework are due this week and it's usually when the intense studying begins. And for some reason I always have a few professors who think they are exempt from the "no exams during Dead Week" rule. I think calling it Dead Week is only appropriate if you are referring to the collective physical and mental state of all students at the end of the week. By Friday afternoon, your average student (a.k.a. ME) will be lying on the floor gasping for breath, surrounded by worn textbooks, empty ink pens, and a few reams of looseleaf paper settling around the room like fallen snowflakes.

Honestly, I have come to dread this week more than Finals Week itself.

This semester, especially. I have my final oral exam and composition in French, two papers and an exam in Archaeology and World Prehistory, my last lab in Political Statistical Analysis, and various, assorted other gems in my other classes. Not to mention I have the last meeting of the semester for WRH Club AND a job interview tomorrow.

If that's not enough, B wants all the kids in meeting to come over for a crab leg dinner party on Friday. Some soiree that will surely last all evening. Trust me, I will be lucky if I get to scarf a peanut butter sandwhich. Friday evening is when I'll start mad cramming for my six exams the following week.
Besides, I hate seafood.

I also hate the bitter cold wind that slices to the bone and blows in heavy grey clouds that seem to perpetually hang over campus until Mid-April. And also how for such a great engineering school, we seem to have the most poorly planned sidewalks in the nation that are concave and fill with water that turns into ice even when it hasn't rained or snowed in weeks. And the fact that I can't seem to get enough sleep these days.

With these happy thoughts, the Grinch is going to sign off and study French with her roommate.

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