Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Good evening my pretties!

I realize this makes three 'Things I Love Thursday' posts in a row but at least I'm blogging again, right? This Thursday finds me in a great mood so let the list commence!

(1) my iMac - I ADORE my new computer. Aside from the fact that it is a gorgeous machine, it has so much to offer! A 1 TB hard drive (so much space!), the new Magic Mouse with touch scroll, a user-friendly interface, and fantastic multimedia programs. iPhoto and iMovie allow me to edit and share my photos and video with such ease! One of my favorite features is the built in iSight camera, allowing me to Skype with my nearest and dearest.

Apple, I am completely open to being paid for selflessly promoting your products. Get in touch with me.

(2) Talking to my thesis advisor - I have the greatest mentor in the world. Professor J is so fantastic. She always says the right thing. Like today, I came into our meeting feeling like I was in over my head and that all my writing was useless and incoherent. But 45 minutes later I walked out with a game plan and renewed confidence. She told me exactly how to organize my research and how to set up both a timeline and outline so I will arrive at April 1st with the best writing I have ever done in my college career. She is the reason I want to go to graduate school and pursue my passion in history.

(3) Chewing gum - Anyone who knows me well knows I really like my gum. I have a voracious sweet tooth and nothing cuts the urge to snack than a piece of good old-fashioned bubble gum (sugar free of course). Thanks to the tendency of our society to buy in bulk, brands like Eclipse and Orbit have come out with the Big-e pak. I pretty much keep one on my desk at all times.

Hey, go get your own!

(4) Doing crafts - after perusing the DIY website at work one evening I was struck with the crafting FEVER! The next day I went right to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics and spent my hard-earned money on two projects. I decorated large wooden initials for a friend's birthday and started a collection of headband accessories. When I am finished with both projects I will do a post about them with pictures. I am quite pleased with the results!

(5) This website - I find the coolest things at work (since usually I have nothing to do but surf the web). This particular gem is NOT recommended for anyone on a diet. It is a delightful collection of recipes for the most delectable goodies. Most intriguing are the recipes for cake pops and a recent post on how to make macarons (no that is not a misspelling, it is the French version of macaroons). I don't know how they taste but they look like tiny doll cakes that should only be served on little plastic plates in the company of your favorite stuffed animals. I forsee many an experimentation of these recipes....

Mr. Rabbit, you may only have another if you promise to stop kicking Madam Sprinkles under the table!

Time to get back to work! What tickles your fancy today?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Edit: I know it's Friday but since I started this on Thursday, it still counts. And since this is my blog, I can make the rules. So there. :)

Hello lovelies--

It's Thursday again and due to a gloomy day with terrible weather and boring classes, I feel it is all the more important to think about the things I love.

(1) Peonies - I recently discovered these flowers while shopping for a sympathy bouquet for a friend. When I say "discovered", I mean I saw them in a photo in a florist book since they are not in season. They are only around for a short period in May and June but these lush blooms can be found in delicate shades of white and pink or vibrant hues of red. They make me think of lace and paper hearts, having tea in a delicate china cup, and happy sighs. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, my new favorite flowers:

(2) This video - What appears to be 12 and a half mindless minutes of architecture footage is a captivating work of art that is made entirely from CG animation. I don't quite understand it all myself but once you grasp that it is 100% animated and not real footage, it will blow your mind. Regardless of how it was made, it is hauntingly beautiful.

(3) Colored pens - Nothing makes taking notes in class more entertaining than using bright, fun colors. It helps me later when I'm studying if I wrote in one color and underlined in another; I know what is especially important. And let's be honest, sometimes changing pen colors is the only thing keeping me awake.

(4) The word 'Magnificent' - I am a huge fan of the English language and all the ways it can be used. As such, I believe everyone should command a robust and luxuriant vocabulary (You see what I did there? 'robust'. 'luxuriant'.) You can instantly add class and style to any conversation by throwing in such an adjective as 'magnificent'. Here's an example:
Boring: "Look at that statue. How neat."
Exciting: "Look at that statue. How magnificent!"
What depth, what keen insight! You're welcome.

(5) Adam Zagajewski - Or rather, his poetry. All of his work is originally written in Polish so I have to read the English translation but it's amazing how beautiful poetry can transcend language. The phrasing and imagery paint such a rich, dynamic scene that if I close my eyes, I can see it. A sampling of his work can be found here. Also check out the poem "Great Ships".

What do you love today?


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