Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten Things + Creative Challenge Winners

Wheee I'm pleased to announce that at least five people commented on the Creative Challenge post! This could have been really embarrassing so thanks for participating. I asked you to share one random fact about yourself and unexpectedly, there were a lot of stories about freckles, but I'm glad to know each one of you just a tiny bit better. While we're on the topic, if you connect some of the freckles on my left arm, you can see the Big Dipper.


But I digress.

Will the following people please use the Email Me link in the sidebar to send me your physical address?

1. Eva (not you, I know where you live)
2. Courtney
3. Lynsey
4. Alyssa
5. Laura

At some point in the year, I will send you a little something. I think technically it's supposed to be handmade but I can't promise it will be, especially if I find something really cool made by someone else.
In the meantime, it's time for another clearly phoned-in, list-style post! That's why you come here isn't it, for my half-hearted attempts at blogging. I know, I've got your number.

Ever thought about the things you absolutely have to have/do on a daily basis? We are creatures of habit, after all.  Here are ten things I simply can't do without on any given day:

1.  Chapstick
2.  Music, without & within
3.  Hair pins
4.  Time by myself
5.  Daylight
6.  Thinking about baked goods. You guys....brioche.....
7.  My Moleskine day planner
8.  Talking to my family
9.  Breakfast
10. My glasses

What about you?

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