Monday, January 14, 2013

My Five Favorite YouTube Videos

Today’s post is prompted by the 20-Something Bloggers January Blog Carnival: blog your favorite YouTube video.

YouTube is my go-to source when I want something to make me smile. From videos of fainting goats to clips of babies laughing, it’s easy to find cheerful content.  My absolute favorite videos are shorts by comedy groups. I can watch the same sketch fifty times and kill myself laughing every time.  As an avid fan of the site since 2006, picking my favorite video is like picking a favorite child: I just can’t, I love them all for different reasons. Not that I have children…but you know what I mean…

So instead of making an impossible choice, here are my top FIVE YouTube videos. Spoiler alert, they’re all comedy sketches. In fact, chances are good that I may have already blogged about one or two of them.

+ “Boys Will Be Girls” by The Harvard Sailing Team
Every. Single. One of my girl friends knows and can quote this video by heart. Pretty much everything made by the talented comedy group known as The Harvard Sailing Team is hilarious and endlessly quotable. But this is unquestionably their most popular one.  OMG you haven’t seen it? Where have you been living, under a stupid rock?

+ “Things you CAN’T do when you’re NOT in a pool” by Don’t Be That Guy Films
Another great duo that produces hilarious shorts on YouTube: Don’t Be That Guy Films. Again, many great videos but this one is my favorite. It makes me laugh every time.

+ "Man vs Toddler" by Barats and Bereta
I can’t make a post about YouTube videos without mentioning something by Barats and Bereta. They're like the original YouTube duo. This video still slays me.

+ “Leaves” by runawaybox
Runaway Box hasn’t made videos in a really long time so I’m not sure they’re still a thing but every time I get nostalgic for fall I watch this video and it makes me laugh. Who doesn't have this urge when they walk by a yard of fallen leaves?
More of my favorites from Runaway Box include any of the episodes from the Elevator Show series.

+ “Progression of a Mad Hatter” by Derrick Comedy 
My siblings and I are constantly quoting this to one another. This video has been around for almost 7 years and still anytime anyone asks me “How was work?” I immediately want to respond, “Sliiimy. What’s for dessert?” Don't worry, I usually restrain myself. 
Derrick Comedy has a ton of other videos but a large portion of them are not what one would consider family-friendly. Even this one gets rather dark at the end. But it’s ok. I love you Square Face.

Honorable mentions: Donut Pirate by Jeffery Dallas/Julian Smith and any Potter Puppet Pals video by Neil Cicierega

The 20SB January blog carnival is sponsored by WIGS, the #1 channel for scripted drama on YouTube. You can watch the video of their popular network stars talking about their favorite YouTube videos here.

Do you have any favorite YouTube videos I should watch? 


  1. Here's Spencer's favorite. :D

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