Wednesday, January 23, 2013

San Antonio, Part 1

Rather than bombard you with a squillion pictures all crammed into one post, I decided to break up my trip to Texas into three posts. You're welcome.


On Thursday I ducked out of work at lunch and hopped on a plane to Texas.  After a pleasant trip to Dallas next to the world's quietest baby (seriously, I was like, lady did you drug your baby, wait don't answer that I don't even care) and one more flight in front of a man being "escorted" out of the country (not kidding, his hands were zip tied together and he kept yelling at his "handlers" a.k.a. INS officers in Spanish, drama!),  I arrived in San Antonio just in time for for dinner with my sister and her husband. We caught up over hamburgers and I got to meet the sweetest little dog named Bella.  Falling asleep under my sister's old daisy quilt, I could hear crickets and birds settling down for the night and the sound made me smile because it meant it was still warm enough outside for them to make music.  As much as I enjoy winter, the stillness of a cold night is too lonely for my taste.

Friday morning my sister and I went for a jaunt in Eisenhower Park and we chatted about life and things as we took in the view from atop a small wooden tower.


Showing off my modeling skills in nature, obviously.

 Looking out to the quarry.

 Love you my dear.

She's not pouting, I'm just taking her picture from a creepy angle.

....seriously you cannot take me anywhere, I am always up to no good.

That evening two of our favorite Texans (one native & one a transplant) showed up to join us on our weekend adventures. Remember that time I lived near Austin for a quick minute? Well my dear friend, travel buddy, and ex-roommate Jillian showed up with our friend Amanda to spend time with me and it was glorious. 

On Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market in downtown  San Antonio to enjoy the warm weather and sample some baked goods. Mmmm....baked goods....
part of the Riverwalk 

Amanda & Eva

Jillian & I

Eva, adding some dramatic flair to an otherwise boring picture of buildings

 Totally digging all the greenery

Silly people in coats, don't you know it's 60 degrees out?

 I promise this is not sponsored by the Boiler House, I don't even know what it is, but I really liked their building.

Anyway, that's enough pictures for now. If you take away anything from my photos, it's that you should go to Texas in January if you are sick of winter weather.  It will cheer you immeasurably. :)

More to come later!


  1. We actually look like sisters in that picture you took at Eisenhower! Love. Can't wait to see the rest. ... Although, hopefully, you're not going to post ALL of them ;)

  2. I love that you love your sister. <3


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