Sunday, January 29, 2012

PC: Day 18 (and also I talk about cake)

Someone I love

This is Hannah. She's my cousin, roommate, coworker, and best friend. We would have to literally be attached at the hip to spend any more time together.  I love her because she's hilarious and sweet and enormously kindhearted. I also love her because she's the world's best masseuse, an excellent chauffer, and a superhero in times of crisis.

But most importantly, she laughs at all my jokes. It's fantastic. :)

Anyway, it's not quite yet her birthday but because I won't be with her on the actual day, I made a celebration cake for us this afternoon.

I used the chocolate cake from the recipe for Sweet & Salty Cake from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking (also found online here) and the frosting recipe from Magnolia Bakery, found here.

It is one of the best cakes I have ever made. The buttercream is a perfect fluffy vanilla to balance the chocolate cake, which is moist and rich (the secret is sour cream!). Obviously my icing technique needs work but have a taste and you'll stop complaining.

Oh and I may have put mini chocolate chips in the icing between the two cake layers. Nope, I definitely did.  Don't roll your eyes at me, you think I'm going to serve it with a side of asparagus just because it's already laden with calories?
Think again, cowboy.

You just don't want to know how many sticks of butter sacrificed their lives for this dessert. 
You really don't.


  1. Bestest cake ever!!! Ok...not gonna lie but right next to my sisters chocolate cake that she made for my graduation... SOOOO GOOOD!!! :D

  2. You two are going to miss each other!!! Also, that cake looks like a good reason to fall off the vegetable cart. Love, your Mum.

  3. so what's this about missing one another?! like for the weekend? or is there a move impending? The cake looks AWEmazing!

  4. Getting some butter to sacrifice its life for something will definitely up the yummy factor! ;)


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