Saturday, January 28, 2012

PC: Day 16


Late again, late again! Last evening I laid down after taking my photos outside, just for a minute and didn't get up again til 5 am this morning. Such an excessive amount of sleep led to some weird dreams, let me tell you. I dreamed I was sent to juvenile detention and the weird part was not that I am clearly too old for juvie but that in my dream I had been there before. Sadly, I have no idea what crime I committed to put me there. When I got out, my Nana disowned me and I became inconsolable, lots of crying and flailing about. I must have thrashed a good deal in real life too, because my blankets were rather complicated to get out of this morning.

Anyway, yesterday was cold and damp. It tried to snow the night before but nothing stuck so it gave up and turned to rain. I tried to go for a photo of a single raindrop but I was having some trouble with my manual focus. The resulting images were a little noisy but I think it accurately captures the mood.

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