Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Office Christmas Elf

Last week before inventory, my boss showed me a closet full of bins & boxes and told me to use whatever I wanted in them to decorate the office for Christmas.


That’s a little like giving a small child keys to a candy store and saying, “Go nuts, kid.”
Because if there’s anything I love more than decorating, I don’t know what that is.

Yes I do, it’s chocolate.

Not everything was usable. The company has been around since 1892 (seriously) and some of the decorations have probably been in that closet just as long. Fortunately, my boss also gave me the go ahead to throw stuff away so I had no qualms about weeding through the pile and pitching the truly atrocious bits and baubles. I mean, what is with these wreaths on Christmas crack. I found one in the closet with a life-size white dove covered in glitter and glued to a nest of spray-painted feathers and small branches. It was a mess.  Like, the jury is out on whether or not the dove was actually alive at one point. 

Anyway, aside from an evergreen wreath on the door, my family doesn't decorate for the holidays so it was really exciting to put together a Christmas tree for the first time.

Until I was knee deep in mislabeled fake branches, making it a really complicated 3D puzzle. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out that not all the branches were the same length. Awkward.
I think I'd prefer a real tree.

But after I got it together, I went a little nuts.

 Like tinsel and lights and ornaments on every available surface.

Including a Santa hat on a portrait of the company founder.

And here's my little USB tree next to my computer, constantly making my day better. 



  1. OOoo, that does sound like fun!!

    1. it was indeed. All I was missing was a mug of hot chocolate, some comfy slippers, and falling snow. :)


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