Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oddly Specific Christmas Gift Ideas

We are less than a week away from Christmas! Are you excited? Any shopping left to do? Out of ideas?
All over the web there are gift guides organized by age, gender, price, color, personality and more. (I already posted my personal wish list here.) But everybody has that person in their life who is just impossible to shop for. Maybe they're one of those people who already has everything, or worse, the kind of person that doesn’t really want things (i.e. my dad). Or maybe they are just so unique, an ordinary gift like a sweater or a pair of headphones just won’t do.
For THOSE people, I have put together a list of the weirdest gifts on the web that just might do the trick. Just a warning, weirdness comes with a price: some of these gifts are thousands of dollars. But since this is only for pretend we don't really care what they cost in real dollars, right?

+ For your most favorite-even-though-she’s-cuckoo aunt who lives in Martha's Vineyard, is fond of wearing ponchos and is weirdly obsessed with Indian culture:
Custom-made rickshaw, $10,000 and she'll be the talk of the weekly poetry slam

+ For your 10 year old cousin with the enormous vocabulary who is too serious for his age even though he secretly wants to be a stage actor when he grows up:
Wooden catapult or trebuchet kit, $14.99-$25.99
+ For that girl in your office who laughs too loud, eats your food from the break room fridge, and you are convinced is secretly gunning for your job. You had the misfortune to end up as her Secret Santa in the company gift exchange:
Denim Sandal Boots, $140 and worth every penny to see the look on her face when she pulls these puppies out of the gift bag

+ For your adventure-seeking older brother who does his best thinking at 40,000 feet above sea level, always burns his tongue because he can't wait for his coffee to cool, and keeps in touch via newsletter-style emails:
A water-powered jet pack, the JetLev R200, $99,500

+ For your best friend who always calls at exactly the right time, makes the best omelets, and spends her days hunched over a computer at her starter job in an office that is ALWAYS. FREEZING.
Toast Handwarmers, $40.99

+ For your ex-boyfriend who, despite the odds, you are still friends with. He is blind as a bat without his glasses on, likes cats more than a guy should, and his obsessive habit of making sure the silverware in the dishwasher is all facing the same way is still endearing, even if he is terrible at communication:
Glow in the dark toilet paper, $10.98

+ For your dyed-in the wool Southern belle of a grandma, who never leaves the house without a hat or pearls, always asks if your significant other makes enough money, and likes her coffee with a shot of bourbon:
Wine Sippy Cup, $14.50, to make those family picnics a little more interesting

Does that give you a little inspiration? I suppose I should clarify: I don't actually know any of the people I just described but in case you do, well, you're welcome.



  1. I love this blog! Is someone getting you those handwarmers???? :-)


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