Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello October!

Hello friends,

How have you been lately? It feels like we haven't talked in forever! 

Well with a woosh and a bang, fall has settled around our ears. It snuck up so quickly this year, like one day the earth woke up, stretched, sneezed, and suddenly the leaves had burst into red and gold. And I am fully on board.

Between work, my photography, and a few projects at home, I have been lax in blog updates. But today is the beginning of No Excuses October! (not actually a thing, I just made it up, ok. for instance let's gloss over the fact that it's actually October 2nd, but whatever, no excuses.) To start this month off right, let's put on a little music, shall we? Here's an old favorite I dusted off just for you.

(Can we talk about how much I love this music video? I would make a synchronized fireworks show in my backyard in a heartbeat, if I wasn't 100% sure I would inadvertently lose a limb doing so.)

Hope you are having a lovely week, we'll speak again soon.



(lovely October illustration by Kelsey Garrity)

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