Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Oh Friday evening, you beautiful creature....tonight is rainy and the thermometer has dipped below 40 but I'm snug inside, winding down after a pleasant evening hanging out with my brothers. Any thoughts of productivity flew out the window as I fought traffic for an hour coming home in the rain. With the vegans out of the house for the evening, we had pizza and laid around like slugs and it was totally awesome. I'm pretty sure tonight's choices undid all my healthy habits from this week but my sweatpants aren't judging me right now and neither should you.

This is my last free weekend for awhile so my goal is to get at least two of my projects finished. Sounds reasonable but if you know me at all, you know that's kind of ambitious. Purely because that would mean giving up one or two of my approximately eight weekend naps.

....I just love naps.

Anyway, in the vein of A Cup of Jo, here are a few links to keep you inspired this weekend:

+ For all you pumpkin lovers out there, Sarah Hearts rounded up eight of the best pumpkin recipes.

+ Though email and text messaging is much faster, you can still send a telegram for old time's sake, to anywhere in the world! This pleases me immensely. Someone will be getting one from me very soon. :)

+ Gorgeous sculptures made out of sea glass by Jonathan Fuller

+ One of my favorite Bon Iver songs. Warning: it may or may not cause you to gently weep.

+ 20 people you will meet in your 20s (via Rainy Saturday)

+ A yummy-looking, simple recipe for peanut butter & honey granola

So tell me, what are your weekend plans?

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