Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Perfection

1. What’s the perfect meal ?Let's talk about my last birthday dinner in Switz. It was pretty near perfect.
First, apero (aperitif) in the garden : cut veggies and homemade dip, tiny tomatoes and mozzarella
 balls on a stick dipped in a lovely basil olive oil and a little glass of vin blancSecond, dinner in the house: mixed greens with homemade dressing, prosciutto and melon, and brochettes (kebabs) on the grill.
Third, terribly lovely chocolate cake, made from scratch and topped with little candies that spelled out my name.
Most excellent, merci again Audrey!

2. What are the perfect pair of shoes?
Something that is comfortable, classy, and pairs well with multiple outfits. Haven't yet found such a combination under $100. Oh wait, yes I have, just can't justify buying them. Come to me, my pretties:
TOMS red wrap boots

also these:
J.Jill grey wingtip flats

3. What is the perfect afternoon?
iced tea, the latest New Yorker, poolside, with a good friend

4. What's the perfect house?
Somewhere there are lots of trees and an ocean/lake view. Big windows with working shutters. Wooden shingle siding, wraparound porch, mansard roof. A wood-burning fireplace. Massive kitchen, heated floors. Enough room to put up friends and visitors. But the thing that makes a house perfect is who is inside. awww.

5. What's the perfect outfit?
skirt, ruffled blouse, jeweled flats
add tights and peacoat for winter.
you're welcome.

6. What's the perfect wedding song?
"Love You Madly" by Cake
I don't know, do I look like I'd have music at my wedding?

7. What's the perfect job?
Something that makes you say "I can't believe I get paid to do this." It doesn't feel like work because you love it so much.

8. What's the perfect hairstyle?
I'm a long hair fain: a low side bun. or a fishtail braid. executed perfectly, of course.

turquoise highlights optional

9. What's the perfect music festival?
I hate being anywhere there are massive crowds of people so a music festival where I was the only attendee? Hey, no one said these answers had to be realistic

10. What's the perfect day to yourself?
Picnic basket, notebook, camera, tunes, sunnies, lake.

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