Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 Reasons I'm Glad it's Fall

In lieu of a regular TiLTw post, I'm using one of Mama Kat's writing prompts to shake it up.

Why I Love Fall

(1) The drama. Fall is like that person you know who stops in to say hi and you never know what to expect.  It can be gorgeous and warm and colorful or stormy and dark and it changes at the drop of a hat.  Of course there are days when I wish it would stop playing Russian roulette with the temperature and my immune system. But it's exciting. Until it snows in early November. That's when I'm over it.

(2) Fall fruit. Apples, figs, grapes, and cranberries are all in season. Am I doing a jig in an orchard? Maybe.

(3) Sweaters. Anyone who knows me knows I have a problem and it's called grandpa cardigans. Yes, make all the Mr. Rogers jokes you want but I love my button downs.  I wear them in every season (yes, even summer) but in the fall I can expand my sweater wearing horizons with cowl necks, cable knits, dusters and wool. Sweaters every day and you can't make fun of me.
Grandma called and she said I could keep her cardigan. It's from Zara though so it's legit.

(4) Scarves. Same reason as above. Fall : the season when you wear scarves not to be a hipster but because your neck is actually cold.

(5) Pumpkins. As you may have gathered from my pumpkin quiche recipe post, I am a lover of all things  pumpkin. You may love pumpkin pies and pumpkin spice lattes but it takes a true enthusiast to enjoy it with bacon in a quiche.  I love eating the seeds too. Wash them, salt them, let them dry, and then roast in the oven. Also, who doesn't enjoy a good pumpkin carving?
This year's attempt. Much less snarky than last year's attempt, which was literally a pumpkin with the word "pumpkin" carved into it. 

(6) A visit from my North Carolinian relatives. A fairly new tradition that involves some of my awesome relatives, who drive with their babies all the way out to Indiana for 3 or 4 days.  Fun times include bowling, trips to the zoo, children in adorable costumes, and lots and lots of laughter. In fact, this coming weekend they will be making the trip again but sadly, I will not be there. 

Sorry, adorable baby ladybug not for sale.

(7) Halloween. Free candy. And dressing up in an awesome costume that's not degrading to my gender and everything we've accomplished in the last 100 years. Due to lack of resources, this year I will be answering the door looking completely normal except for perhaps a paper moustache. 

(8) Building fires. I love a good campfire, but nothing feels quite so nice as a fire in the stove on an especially cold day. Coming from the land of gas fireplaces I can't tell you how nice and cozy it is to live in a house with a wood-burning fireplace. Just beautiful. Bonfires? Also nice.

(9) Elections. It's that time of year! Now politics generally seem to bring out the worst in everyone and a lot of people don't like discussing it but I find the process fascinating.  I love living in a democracy because the system is constantly being re-evaluated by elections. There's the big ones, (presidency, congressional) but every year there are also the local elections. While people pay less attention to these, they actually have a more direct effect on your day to day life. So I don't care if you are Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, or Ambivalent. You can't have an effect (or justify complaining) unless you vote.  Vote for yourself and for those people whose absentee ballot never came in the mail (cough). And now I'm stepping off my soap box. 

(10) Thanksgiving. Um more food, duh. Oh and also the being thankful part. It's going to be my first Thanksgiving in a country that doesn't celebrate it but you best believe I will make pie and eat a ridiculous amount of food all by myself. Food coma, party of one.

Well there you go. A whole post about fall that doesn't mention football. Whoops...
What do you love about fall? 


  1. woo-hoo, you did it! Your fans have been checking often and today you did not disappoint! I guess we are related because I love everything you love about fall. Well, except for (9) Elections. Is it bad that I don't vote because I do not educate myself about the issues/candidates and therefore have no opinion? I don't complain, though, so maybe it's ok that I don't vote. Oh, wait, I do complain about the weather, if only I could vote about that!!!

  2. I love all the same things! thanks for inspiring me. I'll time.
    Everywhere I go, people wanna know about you. you're pretty much famous. saw a lotta Buffalo people that send their love, and Rachel does too! and me. of course.

  3. Ditto ditto ditto to all. Love sweaters... one of the BIG reasons I love the South: we actually have a few months of sweater weather. Can't be beat!
    Please give Linds and Normer (as Phoenix calls him) hugs and kisses from us! Have fun!! xoxox

  4. Wait!!! I wan't done!
    The third annual mecca to Indiana is going to fabulous, but a little less so because you won't be there. We will have a moment of crazy laughter in honor of you while we are there.

    (It's one of my Fall highlights as well - and hope it continues.)

  5. The drama of fall- love it- I mean that phrase!
    Sweaters- I love them too. I just wish it was cool enough inside to wear them- apartments I've been in this fall are HOT.
    Pumpkins- love them! Especially love eating them!
    I love most of that stuff, too... except elections. I used to find it all sooo interesting and would read read read all I could the various candidates. And then- I realized that differences in political opinion sometimes is such an issue and people take it so seriously- that it gets mixed in with things it has no business being mixed with... and that spoiled politics for me. I'm glad you still find it interesting. I'm glad you don't care what party people claim- keep it that way! I tried voting from here twice. Neither time could I get my ballot in time... I'm glad people still vote... I'm glad you did!


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