Monday, October 25, 2010

Checking In

Bon soir.

Sorry to be so sporadic with posting but today's excuse brought to you by the weather.

 The crystal blue horizon and warm west wind have packed their bags and headed elsewhere. Now it seems the sky is competing with the landscape to see who can be more dramatic. Black clouds billow and clutter the space overhead, obscuring the mountains and draping the ground in shadows. A bitter cold wind rips the pretty leaves off the trees and throws them on the ground, swirling to the mountains and then back again to rudely push against me. These two unwelcome characters make me want to construct a tent out of the bed covers and never leave. In these times, I write random thoughts on note cards and toss them in frustration on the floor on top of yesterday's sweater. Go away Internet, I don't want to share my life with you.

Alas, what is one psych visit away from being diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder puts me in a cold weather funk. But I'm trying to shake it off.

I have stories for you. And things I love. But it is late and I am tired and cranky, so I leave you with this beautifully constructed stop-motion animated story.

These aren't tears. Stop looking at me like that, it's allergy season.


  1. I smiled when I saw the add for TOMS. :) I was impressed at the creativity! I laughed when I saw the mouse. :D I felt very sad at the end. Please go for a walk and find some color!!! <3 xo

  2. you have such a way with words. it's amazing. I feel like the weather in switzerland just started howling and thunder storming over my head in bowling green, ohio. nicely done. the entire midwest is facing a tornado warning...oh boy. let's make some banana pancakes and pretend like it's the weekend instead.

  3. that vid was sooo depressing! i almost cried! it was going so well but then.... sniff.

  4. No kidding- that video. Ok, it was 'beautiful' in the artistic sense of the word...but I shriveled up inside at the end. Snowman and Sandman- you CANNOT meet in the middle of the ocean... Don't try it!!!


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