Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things I Love This Week

Happy Saturday!

Letters and Packages - for real this time. In a week I received them from three different people! I guess my online pleas worked. Thanks to Mom, Ariana, and Danielle!

Travel Plans - Taking a mini vacation to the UK at the beginning of November. I'm excited for this for a few reasons. I will be
a) visiting family
b) there for Guy Fawkes night
b) celebrating Thanksgiving with a few other American/Canadian ex-pats
c) visiting a primarily English speaking country

Grooveshark - three cheers for the only ad-free music streaming service that works in Switzerland! Both Pandora and fail in this.

This. Nothing like ridiculous internet humor to lift me out of a blue mood. Thanks for sharing Jillian!

Also this. A spoof on the Old Spice "Real Man" ad. Watch here first if you haven't seen it.

I heart Sesame Street.

Little Bits

  • Taking pictures in a real photo booth in a train station
  • Waking up to find video messages in my inbox.
  • Seeing/learning how Gruyere cheese and Cailler chocolate are made
  • Eating a traditional Swiss meal - raclette!
  • Sleeping in
  • Driving through the vineyards by the lake when all the leaves are just starting to turn
  • How my full name sounds when spoken in a French accent - so cool
  • A really excellent recipe for pumpkin quiche - if you like pumpkin and quiche, then you'll love this!
  • Apple season
Hey, SMILE. You're alive and it's the weekend! 


  1. I am respectfully requesting the recipe! :D xo

  2. (for the pumpkin quiche that is .... would this be good for Thanksgiving, I wonder?)

  3. truly laughed out loud. Nope, had never seen the Old Spice commercial... sort of gave me the freaks- his ego, that is. Monster did good, though! ;)
    And I know how you feel about letters and packages! Three cheers for those!


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