Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Good evening, mystical Internet creatures!  I am in a state of thesis-induced weariness that words can't sufficiently describe but I will not let Thursday pass unrecognized.  Thank goodness for my job, or else I would never have time to update.  Something seems inherently wrong with that statement...

Let us commence!

(1) Seeing the sun for the first time in many moons. And not just glimpsing it between bouts of cloudy dreariness but really seeing its entirety against a solid blue sky. I was so happy to wake up to that this morning, I severely misjudged the temperature and was rather underdressed to walk to class.

(2) Having a jar of flowers by my computer.  Thanks, Boss.

(3) Green Tea ice cream.  You don't know it, but I just changed your life.

(4) Sharing music. Hattie, I see your Spoon album and I raise you one Vampire Weekend.

(5) In case you didn't know, it's not Tuesday. Random, pointless websites that make me laugh so hard, my neighbors bang on the wall. Thanks Bryan.

(6) A fantastic lecture on Gettysburg in my Civil War class. Brought back great memories of my solo trip there last March. It was incredible, my only regret is that I didn't have anyone to share it with.  Although let's not lie, I got a little emotional on Little Round Top.  Probably better no one saw that...

(7) Passing the East Asian History exam that I clearly did not study for.  Really, Hastings, you're too kind.

(8) Sake cups. Actually anything miniature. And anything found in an Asian fusion restaurant.

(9) Special meeting and getting to spend time in Indianapolis with my family.

(10) TOMS new spring collection. Specifically the Seaport Vegan Classics. It feels wrong to want something so much.

Oh and also I love you.
Til next time.
(Likely, tomorrow.)

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  1. ditto the flowers and sunshine... only we're back to clouds, rain and snow... oh well- it can only last but so long... and then it will be HOT! :) (And the Danube's starting to flood if anyone's interested! Didn't start on Thursday, though...)


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