Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday - Rainy Day Edition

Hello, all you wonderous beings!

This Thursday finds me melancholy and more than a little stressed. The April 1st deadline on my thesis is looming ominously before me. Spring Break literally starts in less than a day but I have so much writing left to do, I can hardly celebrate.  Enough of that!  This Thursday, I love things that make me smile on a rainy day.

(1) Gymnopédie No. 1 for piano by Erik Satie
Close your eyes and listen. You're welcome.

gymnopédie no. 1 from gastrodamus on Vimeo.

(2) My impending visit to NC. One week from today, I will be descending on the Pipgras household. Glee! Merriment! I'm hoping a certain adorable ladybug makes an appearance...
darling Phoenix!

(3) Having the windows open to let in the evening breeze. And then waking up to the sound and smell of rain on a cool morning. For a few minutes I can pretend it's not March in Indiana, where at any moment we could recieve anywhere from a tornado to a snowstorm.
                               My current view                    The rain pooling on the roof

(4) Spoonflower- Custom printed fabric. Just saying the words makes me feel like getting out a sewing machine. And I haven't felt that urge since the Fashion Class Debacle of '05 (A pox on you, Pressley. I still rue the day I took your class). The designs range from adorable to confusing all the way to downright horrifying . But seriously, take away my credit card or I'll have bed linens in this by Monday.

(5) Vanilla Green Tea Cupcakes . I haven't actually tried these yet, but I have a feeling they're delicious.  I'd really like to make these over break.  My only question is whether or not I could successfully substitute the sugar in the cupcakes for honey.  I think it has the potential for an awesome flavor combination but I wonder if it would make the cupcakes too dense. Also other recipes call for putting cream cheese in the frosting. Thoughts? 

(6) Books by Agatha Christie - The classic mystery writer.  Good, solid plotlines and hardy, likeable characters.  Too many mystery novels today are full of excessive gore, annoying characters and language not fit to print.  Not a single one can compare to the stories of the funny little Belgian detective with a silly mustache.  Or Miss Marple, for that matter.  Nothing quite relaxes me like a cup of tea and Death on the Nile.  That's not actually a sketch of Poirot, but that's how he looks in my head. ---->

(7) Bright Yellow Rainboots.

<---Enough said.


  1. I could seriously wish for a pair of those rubber boots after the hikes through the mud I had this past weekend! ;)

  2. You need a little break- go check this out:

    if that doesn't work, find it here:

    It's just sort of your thing! And very well done!


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