Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lessons from Text Messages

In the digital age, communication is easier than ever. Well, sometimes.


Lesson 1: Speech to text isn't perfect.
Lesson 2: Don't leave Jillian in an office full of chatty attorneys. Especially if the air conditioning is broken.

Lesson 1: Someone needs to talk to the Kardashians about Jesus in real life. And no, Kanye is not an appropriate substitute, even though he thinks he is.
Lesson 2: Julie has the best dreams.

Lesson 1: It's really hard to politely explain a not very polite expression in a text message. Haha.
Lesson 2: Well obviously, never assume.

You're welcome for sharing all this wisdom.
Well readers, what have you learned from technology lately?


  1. OMG. HAHAHAHAH. Those Kardashians. They do need to hear the gospel. I stand by what my dream self wanted to say.

    1. as well you should. Preach on, Dream Julie.


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