Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Weekend

Hi my dears. How have you been? I’ve been busy. The recent heat wave kicked things into high gear at work, which is good because a mild summer doesn’t bode well for the air conditioning business.  On a personal level, I’m glad it’s been so breezy and beautiful.  High temps and extreme humidity are not my friends.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I’m heading south for a weekend with a friend and I’m looking forward to catching up with her.

 I know my blogging has been extra spotty lately and for that I apologize, but today I’m back with another links post. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one so there are extra links for your viewing pleasure.


+ cream. Speaking of, here's an interesting profile on the owner of the Van Leeuwen ice cream trucks in NYC. (via Garance Doré)

+ Homemade poptarts. Can't go wrong here.

+ A super fun gold sequin heart tutorial. You know, for all your giant wall bling needs.

+ A recent study on the full moon's effect on sleep. Call me crazy, but I fully believe the full moon plays a role. I am always more anxious around a full moon. (via NPR)

+ Another cool DIY: turn a giant t-shirt into a cute tshirt dress.

+ Loved this article in National Geographic on the tradition of painting elephants in India.

+ I'm not a belt person but if I was, I would totally wear this one.

+ I can't get enough of these Pantone stairs. I would love love to do this in my future house.

+ Did you know that Anthropologie has a blog? Check out their post on a short history of the monogram.

+ "Miracles" by Jeremy Messersmith
Miracles by Jeremy Messersmith on Grooveshark

Have a good one, friends!
Ice cream photos: (1) / (2)

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  1. i stopped at heat wave. im sorry. i literally could not read any further because the big angry green monster of envy reared it's head and made me hit the X button.

    .....that t-shirt dress IS pretty awesome though ;-)


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