Friday, July 12, 2013

Always, Sometimes, Never

I always
+ put my right shoe on first
+ take pictures of interesting doors or windows

+ need to know what time it is

I sometimes
+ yawn when I’m nervous
+ want to cut bangs, regardless of how silly and not like Zooey Deschanel I'll look
+ drive too fast

I never
+ dance in public
+ know which light switch is which (say that 5 times fast!)

+ can put down a good book

I always
+ sleep with too many pillows
+ say yes to chocolate
+ choose waffles over pancakes

I sometimes
+ spend too much money on artisan cheese
+ dream in French (not as much anymore, sadly)
+ take all my blessings for granted

I never
+ feel completely at ease in a large crowd
+ forget a face
+ get up early by choice

Image Sources: (window) / (door) / (Zooey D) / (yawning kitty) / (bookshelves) / (pillows) / (French woman) / (cheese plate) / (busy market)


  1. I love this!! I might have to steal this idea :D

    I hear you on the artisan cheese weakness. One time I bought some truffle gouda and OH MY GOD, BEST CHEESE I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE but I also don't think I can ever spend that much on cheese again without living off beans for a month as a trade-off.

    1. please do! I love a good list-style post and reading them on other blogs is always fun. :)
      Oh my, truffle Gouda sounds like a little slice of heaven. Spending time in Europe just ruined me. I'll never be satisfied with sub-par cheeses again. And that's the snobbiest thing I'll say all day. :P

  2. dance in is so fun haha who cares what other's think :P

    and I wish I could dream in French! Perhaps after I go there for a bit my dreams will become more classy and broaden it's language skills

    1. haha I will dance in public only if I have a friend with me. I'd be too nervous to do it alone. :)
      Yes, if you go there, you will indeed start dreaming in French! It was living in Switzerland and taking care of two French-speaking children that did it for me. Total immersion!


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