Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Happy September! I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend (well, those of you in the States, anyway).

I haven't done one of these in awhile but here are ten random questions (from the Roots and Rings blog) for this gloomy Tuesday morning.
1. What is your favorite Pixar movie? Have you seen all of them?It’s a tie between Monsters, Inc. and Up.  I have seen all of them except for Ratatouille and Brave.
2. Do you enjoy soccer?
Yes, it’s exciting to watch and even more exciting to play! It was the sport I always secretly wished I could play when I was in school.

3. Are you musical?
Yes. I love to sing! Also I played the flute and piano through middle school and high school.

4. How many push-ups can you do?
Like 10. So, try not to be impressed with my massive upper body strength.

5. Did you have braces when you were younger?
Yes, I suffered through a year of metal mouth.  I think anyone who didn’t have braces during their childhood missed out on a classic character building experience.  Nothing humbles you quite like grinning at people all day, only realize hours later that you had a huge chunk of broccoli wedged in your braces for all to see.

6. Summer or winter? Coffee or tea? Wedges or flats?
Actually I prefer spring and fall…less extreme temperatures.
TEA. All day, errday.

7. Do you buy new or used cars?
I have not yet purchased a car on my own but used is the way to go. The minute you drive it off the lot, it's worth less than what you paid for so why would anyone buy a brand new car?

8. Are you afraid of needles?
No, I don’t mind them at all. In fact, I think I would have gone into the medical field, were it not for my huge distaste for bodily fluids.

9. Do you get cranky when you’re tired or hungry?


My friend Jillian coined the term that unfortunately applies to me on a regular basis: hangry. You know when you get so hungry you are filled with a blinding rage that is only mitigated by a sandwich? That is hangry.  And I suppose I also get cranky when I’m tired but if I’m too far gone, I get really really goofy. Like slapstick, soft-shoe dancing goofy.  It’s embarrassing.

10. Write your newest favorite recipe.
I haven't had a new favorite in a while but here are a few recipes from my Pinterest food board that I would like to try over the next couple of weeks:


  1. Answer to your question in #7, according to Bradly: Because it has alloy wheels.

    Additional information for #9: when you get tired, you snort when you laugh. :) it's adorable.

  2. I can't believe that with your love for food that you haven't seen Ratatouille - that's one of my FAV pixars!! :) See it!!!


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