Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Brief Affair with Exercise

Last night I had an amazing dream where I ran for miles and it felt so awesome that when I woke up I tried it. Unfortunately in real life it was not awesome.  I had only gone maybe a quarter mile when it started raining and my legs hurt so bad I had to cut them off and carry them home. Well not really. But I did consider dragging myself home on my arms, army style. As the rain was soaking through my jacket and stabbing pains were shooting through my calves, this was going through my head:

I managed to hobble two miles just to make it count for something but I can't say I'm going to try it again soon. Call me a quitter but OW. SERIOUSLY.
...sigh...I guess I have to become vegan because clearly I'm not cut out for exercise...

Anyway, that's my success story for the day. It's cold and raining again so if anyone needs me, I'll be inside hanging some new prints and listening to my Fran├žoise Hardy playlist on Spotify on repeat.  I'll probably even practice this later.

Happy Saturday, fellow slugs. :)
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