Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello friends. Sorry for the blog silence...the last couple of weeks have been mad busy. Halloween weekend was spent in a glorious fashion in Pennsylvania with some of my nearest and dearest. I didn't even care that it snowed like crazy. Ok, I cared a little bit. It wasn't even November yet! And then last week was officially my longest work week ever...due to power outages from the snow storm, people flocked to the bakery like we were the only source of lights, coffee and free WiFi. Which we were, actually.

So needless to say, this past weekend passed in a blur of exhaustion and I emerge today, better rested but with a head cold. Thank my lucky stars for a day off.  Not that that means anything other than a major catchup day with laundry/cleaning/errands and figuring out what is wrong with my car. Boo responsibilities. Not to mention my brain decided 6:30 am was wide awake time. grumble.

Anyway, enough complaining, life could be worse. I wish I had time for an amusing story, but I'm afraid you'll have to settle for badly lit polaroid photos from my cell phone camera again.

Things that have pleased me lately:

:: Feeling inspired to paint something new. All you get is the before shot because I'm not super happy with the outcome but whatever.

:: A picture message from my mom of Darth Vader doing his homework. Have I mentioned lately how awesome my little brother is?

:: Design inspiration at Anthropologie. I could quite literally live in that store.

:: les bois dans le soir. tranquil!

:: Trying on super attractive hats and photographing it to remind myself why I don't wear them.

:: Constantly amazing myself with my ingenuity. Like how I left my snow brush in Indiana and used a casement trim installation tool to scrape the ice off my windshield at a quarter to six one morning, after a desperate search in my uncle's workshop for a spare brush. Fortunately, it works amazing and I'm keeping it. Sorry, Uncle Steve. 

:: My Halloween costume. Was I in an adult sized onesie that vaguely resembles a dinosaur? Yes. Was I the most comfortable person there? Also yes. Did I inspire other people to follow suit (hahaha pun intended)? Double yes.

::....see? I am clearly a pioneer of modern fashion. 

::Snow. Ok it was the first snow. You can't not enjoy the first snow. I may whine and flail about during every snowfall hereafter but it was nice to be inside carving pumpkins and drinking hot apple cider with friends on a snowy Saturday afternoon.

 :: Texting pictures of wildly inappropriate dresses to the bride to be, in a fake attempt to change her mind about the bridesmaid dresses we have already picked out (and paid for). I find this highly amusing. Whether she does or not is a different story...

:: Being stuck in traffic on Driving over the George Washington Bridge in NYC. Sadly, the closest I've ever been to visiting the city but one day I will actually take a trip there!

Happy November, kiddies. Stay warm! And come visit me at work because I've been told I make a mean hot caramel apple cider...


  1. don't like snow? guess you'll be visiting me in houston :D save that tip money, I want you there!!!!

  2. i think your brother and my brother would be kindred spirits if they ever had the chance to meet...i walked into the kitchen this morning and he was constructing(yes, 'constructing' is the only word for how he makes food!) his breakfast in full pirate costume....?!

  3. Spencer's getting into his homework! Males that age must have a thing for Star Wars- Gina's 3rd grade son is all about Star Wars these days!


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