Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One squillion photos of fall

Ok I'll be honest. I kind of love my schedule. Even though I may whine and thrash around every morning at 5:15 when that blasted alarm goes off, I really shouldn't complain. Being done with work by 2:30 most days is pretty awesome. Now that I'm finally used to the early mornings and early nights, I don't come home every day absolutely dead on my feet.

And even though my work week means I'm busy Tuesday through Saturday, it is super cool to have Mondays off. I can get everything boring I need to get done out of the way on the least busiest day of the week. You know, errands, laundry, blah blahh. Or I can ignore all that and go shopping. Or paint. Or lie on the floor and do nothing. There's no one to hang out with, and no plans I'm missing out on. I have a day all to myself and I'm in love with it. 

But back to my original point, it's fantastic to have the whole afternoon after work to do stuff, now that I don't feel the need to nap until dinner, eat, shower and go back to bed. 
Which means on the rare days when the weather is nice, I can go home, throw my camera in my bag and head back out to do some hiking and take approximately one squillion photos of fall before the sun sets.

Which is exactly what I did today. 
And then I came home and put all the nice, fancy photos through a Polaroid filter to make them look old and blurry. 
Don't ask me why. 
Don't you know that hipsters don't have to explain themselves?

Anyway, enjoy. Or don't. Whatever. I'm still going to love myself at the end of the day.


  1. You're seriously cute...in a sophisticated elegant kind of way.

  2. I am glad to know how many is one squillion... I was expecting it to be more. It is now my new favorite number. Miss you, girl. xoxo

  3. I see where your mother gets it from...wait til you see the "artsy" picture she took this weekend. Think of you often and glad all is well. Enjoy the snow!


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