Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snaps from T-Day 2011

Crazy how different things are from one year to the next. This time last year it was my immense privilege to spend Thanksgiving weekend in a beautiful home overlooking Lake Neuch√Ętel with the loveliest group of Swiss people. Sweet memories...thanks Julie!

This year, Thanksgiving was squished into what was nearly a 50 hour work week....blah. Fortunately, there was plenty of room in there for good times. Here are a few bits:

Two sweet faces mugging for the camera in borrowed sun glasses:

Pleasing but ridiculous tights and even more pleasing but ridiculous footwear:

Festive place settings:

Family in the kitchen:

Family at the table:

The loveliest plate of food you ever did see:

Followed by what some have called (ok, mostly me) the world's best turtle cheesecake:

A fire in the backyard:

And of course fuzzy slippers. Because it's not complete without fuzzy slippers.

And so we begin that strange season where the weather muddles between fall and winter and the holidays gallop past in a blur of warm food and contradictory colors. In the mean time, don't let the hustle stress you out...
Until next time!

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  1. the hustle is all up in my kool aid. wish you were closer. love the pictures of those cheeky grins, I think that made my night.


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