Monday, November 14, 2011

Details, or How to Throw the World's Greatest Bridal Shower Ever Maybe

 This past weekend was the bridal shower of my dear friend, fellow European traveler, and favorite Jerseyite. She is a daily source of inspiration and snark and can make a sandwich like you ain't never seen. 
the one where we were being straight thug in a cow pasture in Switzerland

She is getting married in a month (eeek!) and will be moving to Texas shortly after. I will weep bitter salty tears but this will be reason #3 to get myself to the land of "hey y'all!" and big hair as soon as humanly possible (reason #1 being my darling sister and reason #2 being my dearest H).

As co-MOH (maid of honor, for those of you not fluent in wedding-speak), it was my privilege to arrange the shower. Fortunately I had the help of the other MOH and the mother of the bride, and between the three of us we managed to throw what may or may not have been the world's best shower, in my humble opinion. In reality, were it not for the other two, we would have done nothing but play games and eat sad-looking cake pops.

this is what they were supposed to look like. FAIL.

Aside from the cake pops, there was nothing sad about it.
It was all in the details, like
initial-shaped candy dishes

Heartbreakingly-lovely monogramed cupcakes (painstakingly made by the bride's mother)

Carefully wrapped utensils that coordinated with the cupcakes:

A highly hilarious apron for the guests to sign:

White, silver, and mercury glass decorations:

Delicious food:

 Terribly amusing party games. I'd explain but it would take some of the fun out of the pictures, no?

Most importantly, three best friends spending together one of the remaining few Saturdays where we're all in the same time zone. Sniffle.

And that's all you really need to have the best bridal shower ever. 

Side note: can we take a moment and enjoy this sunset all over again? What a glorious way to end the weekend. 

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