Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Crumbs

Happy Sunday, friends. Things are coming together here in Massachusetts and I am quite pleased to report I am enjoying myself immensely. 

Here's a few things that made me smile this weekend:

(1) Jessie, my uncle's pitbull, and her peanut butter obsession. Work that empty can, girl.

(2) The ridiculous amount of pillows on my new bed. Not one, or two, or even five, but NINE. Just enough for me to cry "EAAAAAGLE" and gracefully swan dive into bed.  Which I try to do at least once daily.

(3) The way the pillow my mother made me looks right at home in the blue shellback chair in my room.

(4) An extremely comfortable and bodaciously striped new skirt

(5) Buying a beautiful fall bouquet for no reason other than it was a lovely day for flowers. But then again, what day isn't? 


  1. Looks like you're settling in real well! Hope your new job is going good. xx from your friends in Grandson :-)


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