Friday, June 29, 2012

How Hipsters Make Bread: A Video

Twisted Bread | Volume 4 from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

A Viewer's Guide:

Step 1. Install a distressed wooden table in a dimly lit kitchen.
Step 2. Premeasure ingredients into vintage bowls and cups to make it look like you didn't have to measure anything at all.
Step 3. Get a waif-like woman with nice hands and long hair to mix the ingredients. 
Step 4. Make sure Bon Iver or some other appropriately folksy-but-not-too-hillbilly-band-with-a-banjo is playing in the background.
Step 5. Use two knives to knead the dough. (Using your bare hands is too bourgeois.)
Step 6. Wrap the bread dough on sticks.
Step 7. Gather a few of your closest attractive acquaintances around a campfire. (At least one person has to have a beard, gender optional)
Step 8. Let dough sticks cook for 2-4 hours over open flame.
Step 9. When the evening sky has reached optimal level of "dusk" for photographing your skin complexion, consume bread, but do not appear to enjoy it too much.

But seriously that would be super tasty while camping, wouldn't it? Fresh baked bread? I'm just making fun because I'm jealous that the hipsters thought of it first. And the woman in the video has such attractive hands. But she for real needs to tie back that hair. I don't care how funky your jewelry is, ain't nobody gonna like hair in their bread, lady.

Video by Tiger in a Jar for Kinfolk 


  1. I'm pretty sure you need a huge ring, too, to make that bread...

  2. oh yes, the jewelry is very important. ;)


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