Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things running through my head at 11 pm the night before I move

This will totally all fit into my car tomorrow.
I forgot how much work it is to actually pack up all your stuff.
I wish someone would make me a sandwich.
I thought I got rid of everything unnecessary at the garage sale 4 months ago. How do I still have this much junk?
I just realized that the song "Secret Asian Man" is actually called "Secret Agent Man". This changes everything.
A house elf would be really useful in my life. Accio, Dobby!
Actually, so would a Mary Poppins-style magic carpetbag. 
I seriously need to stop drinking iced tea in the afternoon. Caffeine = Problems.
Vacuuming out the car is actually quite soothing. I sound like my father.
I just realized I packed all my clothes and completely forgot to leave something out to wear tomorrow. Guess I'm driving to NY in my jim jams. 
This will totally not all fit into my car tomorrow.
Enough, I'm going to bed.


  1. All the best Ellie! Bon déménagement et bonne chance! Audrey

  2. All the best Ellie! Bon déménagement et bonne chance! Audrey

  3. Ellie! it's been a while so i feel like this comment is heading in the direction of a numbered list....are you ok with that?
    1. LOVED your letter that you sent to the Krebs :) so glad to hear all your news!
    2. gorgeous new blog header too!
    3. it is SO MUCH WORK to pack isn't it?! arrrggg! i'm leaving to NZ tomorrow and i still have a good 20kg OUTSIDE my already nearly full backpack...yay...
    4. i did remember to keep an outfit out though ;) luckily the weather is meant to pack it in tomorrow so I shouldn't look like too much of a fool wearing boots, a hat, and at least ten outer layers to the airport!
    5. All the very best for your big move!! look foward to hearing how you're settling in!
    6. If off grocery shopping with Maureen now so a BIG hug to you sweetheart and hope you get rid of that SMELL....eeeeeeuuuwwww!

  4. I made you a sandwich before I read this post! Because I love you and want to be sure you eat good things! Try to always get a good night's sleep and Keep In Touch! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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