Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things I Love This Week: UK Edition

In an effort to be more blog concious, (it is National Blog Posting Month, after all) I'm updating today ALL THE WAY FROM ENGLAND.
Not that makes any difference to all my American readers...nonetheless, here we are.

I've been in the Manchester area since Wednesday on a vacation and this is what I'm loving:
  • Visting my dear cousin Lindsey and her husband Norman. No one quite understands you like family, and family time is just what I needed after two months on my own. Hold me.
  • Speaking in English in an American accent all day long and forgetting that I'm in a foreign country.
  • SEEING THE OCEAN. Note: This is not the first time I've ever seen an ocean. I just really, really love the ocean.
  • The fortitude of the English. Despite the fact that it's poured every day I've been here, they go out walking and shopping and carrying on, not letting the weather keep them indoors. Though, as Lindsey said, if they never went out when it rained, it would be a country of hermits.
  • Watching the ducks make their way down the canal behind the house.
  • Being in an English-speaking meeting for the first time in 2 months. I wept with joy.
  • Having someone to go shopping with and increasing my already impressive sweater collection.
  • The British noms: Roast beef and yorkshire pudding, jacket potatoes and drinking a Hot Chocolate Milano (so rich, you almost have to eat it with a spoon)
  • The American noms: hamburgers and getting to eat brownies for the first time since I left home!
  • Blackpool: it's like Britain's version of Atlantic City. All the ghetto fabulous of the Jersey shore but with a West country English accent.
  • Visting an aquarium. I love learning about sea life. And jellyfish are the coolest.
  • Guy Fawkes night: fireworks galore! The air was thick with the smell of bonfires.
  • Helping Lindsey use public transportation. I just widened your access to England, you're welcome.
  • With the time change, I'm only 4 hours apart from everyone at home (instead of the usual 6), which means Skype times galore!
And now I must go because I smell pancakes cooking. Life is hard.
I'll add pictures when I return to Switzerland.
What do you LOVE about where you are?


  1. Love your writing rambles....bought a jurnal yesterday unbeknowest to you so I can keep up with you!! ;) Love you and love your company!! xx

  2. I'm still not used to the fact that when I talked to you at 6 pm you were in bed cause it was midnight. now it's almost midnight here so 6 am in switzerland, so you're waking up soon. in fact, I'll probably still be up when you wake up. I'm rambling, sorry. hope you had a good sleep!
    what I love about where I am is the people that surround me and that's pretty much true wherever I am because I surround myself with the people I love. and skype counts, because when I can talk to you when I'm all alone in the house, it makes a big difference in my day!
    p.s. my word verification is rester and this makes me laugh because rest is the last thing I'm going to get tonight baha

  3. I'm glad you had the time in England with family and an English mtg!


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