Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful People

In a special three-part series on my time here at Purdue, here is part two, a post devoted to all the wonderful people I've come to love these past four years.

It's goodbye time here in the 765. This makes me 8 kinds of sad because I may never see some of these amazing people again. So here in a public fashion, I'm posting all the things I want to say to all the people I love in case I forget to tell you in person!

Hatley Nell - I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps, BGR? When we bonded over H&M, driving Volvos, and being really homesick? And then that one time we went shopping in Indy and ran into Andy Roddick? I'm glad our friendship lasted long after you moved out of Windsor. I will miss our absurdly long lunches, stories about Fatta & Gus Gus, and your amazingly delicious baked goods.  You are one of my very best friends.  You and Ramsey and your animal farm will have an amazing time in Texas. I can't wait to visit some day.

The Braund family - You are home to me. You have been my pillars for the last four years. Your love and support means more than you will ever know. As I write this, I am swimming in memories of all the laughter and fellowship. You are odd, hilarious, compassionate, loud, and spectacular. I am forever your Eli, who thinks everything tastes like pumpkin and will never set foot in Don Pablos again.

The Hoversland family - Ditto. It has been a blessing getting to know you. Your kids are bright, vibrant, adorable creatures and I love them like they were my own siblings. Thanks for allowing me to shamelessly use you for your laundry room on occasion. 

Elizabeth - JGG. Dinner dates, movie nights, doing rounds. We have an amazing friendship, even if we never made it out of Windsor. You are the only one allowed to call me Legally Short. I will miss you incredibly.

Kristin - Shoot, girl. So many good times. Thanks for the advice on plants, taking me to Owl City, and alllll the talking. I'm going to miss you while you're catching butterflies in Oregon. I know it's not the end for us because we still have plans (aka rock climbing, roadtrip to Florida, watch Lord of the Rings all the way through, etc.)

Julie, Michelle, Cassandra, and all the rest of my Windsor ladies - I've known some of you since BGR, and some of you since last August but you're all right up there in my book. So many good times. Thanks for making the last four years (and especially Senior Week) so amazing. You are pure gold. Riiiiiiiight?

My spectacular office staff - You made my job as supervisor the easiest in the world. You showed up on time (always in the proper clothes - a plus!), had excellent customer service, and always laughed at my jokes in clerical meetings.  You are 11 amazing women.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.

WRH Club - Governess was a cakewalk. You are some of the funniest, most interesting cats out there. We did Windsor proud this year. Thanks for keeping my legacy intact.

And now I'm crying. But I love you all.

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  1. I loved this one- esp reading about the people I know, too!


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