Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Purdue Bucket List

In less than 24 hours, I will officially be a college graduate. As much as that excites/freaks me out, it is high time I devote a blog post to the things I love about the best academic institution in the world.

Oh Purdue....the years, days, hours, dollars, tears, smiles, laughs I have devoted to's enough to make me wax poetic. But I won't. you're welcome.

The Graduation Bucket List.  There's a few versions of a list of 25 things you're supposed to do before you graduate that have been circulating around.  Since most of them revolve around alcohol and sporting events, I decided to make my own list. Except I cheated and made it right now. After everything is checked off.

Ellie's Purdue Bucket List

(1) Attend Boiler Gold Rush - aka BGR aka Freshman Orientation. It actually wasn't all that fun. But I can say that some of the people in my group became my best friends.

(2) Attend a basketball game - YES!!

(3) Attend the callout for a club I have no intention of joining - yes, Junior year. Ballroom dancing. hahahahaha.

(4) Drink an entire Den Pop - check. 32 oz. of soda: only did it once, felt pretty sick after.

(5) Eat at Triple X - yep. fried eggs and toast. no way was I going to try the peanut butter burger.

(6) Get a milkshake at Pappy's - DELICIOUS.

(7) Pull an all-nighter - many, many times.

(8) Run through one of the fountains fully clothed - aka a Fountain Run, got that out of the way freshman yr. it was COLD.

(9) Attend a concert in Elliot/on Slayter Hill - yesss. Ben Folds, Jason Mraz, Switchfoot, B.B. King.

(10) Take a completely random class - see, Intro to Theater, aka Acting Class, Junior Year

(11) See the inside of Harry's Chocolate Shop - check. ate a chicken sandwhich and left. Never would have done this without Catherine.

(12) Achieve a 4.0 for one semester - did this one TWICE. since I'm a genius.

(13) Ride the Citibus - ugh. worst experience ever.

(14) Get a part time job - haha 2 and a half years later, it's kind of my full time job.

(15) Get a drink from the Lion Fountain - more dangerous than you would think. may or may not have contracted lead poisoning because of this one.

(16) Live with a random roommate - check. best experience! never would have met Charisse otherwise.

(17) Skip a class on purpose and for no reason at all - check, check, check, check, checkkkk.

(18) Get to know a professor outside of class - YES.

(19) Become the president of something - you're looking at the Governess of Windsor Residence Hall, '09-'10. Bow before me.

(20) Shake hands with the university president - yep, met Dr. Jischke and Dr. Cordova.

(21) Stay friends with someone from high school - not only was she my roommate for a year and a half, we took classes together, and bonded over our mutual love for politics, the Daily Show, Guitar Hero, flags, and being awesome. Catherine, you are the greatest.

(22) Attend a football game - Finally did it senior year. not a huge fan...

(23) Join a random club - Lasted about one semester in Purdue's Camera Club. Came for the free food, stayed for the free Photoshop tutorials, left because it was dominated by hipsters.

(24) Study abroad - ok this one never happened, and it is my single regret about my time at Purdue. It was certainly not for lack of trying! If only Greece hadn't dissolved into political and financial ruin....

(25) GRADUATE. If you're in Elliot Hall at 9:30 am on Sunday, you'll see me there. I'll be the one in the cap and gown.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ELLIE!!! Wishing you the best of course! (It's OK to yell congrats right?) ;) Big hugs to you!!

  2. Yay You!!

    Was an interesting list to read! I had a Triple X meal once- don't remember what it was though. Is Brad's Bagels still there? I loved there rice krispie treats... and the bagels, too!
    Rode the Citibus once with my roommate to the mall. Called the guys to come pick us up- once was enough! ;)


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