Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm sorry!

I feel like all I ever do anymore is apologize for missing Thursday. Well here it is again. SORRY!!!
But I have a legitimate reason and hard evidence for my absence. Behold:
I had a class assignment in which I had to write a paper about a Congressional process and use video examples from C-SPAN.  Since it had video, we were instructed to put it in a blog. Rather than bore you with a ridiculous post about special orders, (and expose my professor to unnecessary life stories about me) I thought I would create a separate blog and just share the link in case you need some reading material to lull you to sleep tonight.

So, there it is. Do with it what you will. You don't even have to read it, just post helpful comments such as, "what clarity, what depth of analysis! This paper deserves an A!" Maybe my professor will see them and take it to heart.

Please, Professor Browning?

Here's hoping!!


  1. I forgot the helpful part of my comment... oops.

  2. I didn't really read the blog about congress . . . lol . . . but I thought just in case your professor read our comments, I'd leave you a flowery comment about how awesome you are! :) Because you are awesome! I just don't feel like reading! haha

  3. I tried to leave a nice comment, pretending to be a Stanford professor that was completely blown away by your poignant analysis... it didn't work... I hope you still got an A though!


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