Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Epic Battle

Today I defended my thesis.

The following video will demonstrate how it went:
Hint: I'm the snake.

Indeed.  National Geographic took some creative liberties as they told my story but what you just witnessed was nearly true to form.  Unlike the unfortunate snake, I managed to escape with my life intact but it was a scholarly assassination like I'd never experienced before. On the plus side, the professors did not take any gleeful victory laps around the room holding the carcass of my life's work.  Also, I managed to receive a passing grade so it was not a complete bloodbath.

Alright, I'm off to nurse my wounds. Have a pleasant evening.


  1. But gosh, look at Janney fly.

  2. awwww i'll have to call you and converse about it. tomorrow perhaps.

  3. but just think about the damage you could do if you bit the eagle's babies... whoa...
    And if you're the snake... who is the eagle? And did that person babies eat you?
    (Ok- need to go to bed now...)


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