Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today I'm inspired by the color yellow.

Yellow is the color of the room I slept in at a friend's house in Switzerland.  It's the color of the summer breeze that ruffles the little hairs at your temple.

Yellow is the sound of a little kid's belly laugh.

Yellow is the taste of the first bite of a croissant fresh from the oven at that boulangerie just down the street from your apartment in Paris.  Which is funny because yellow was also the color of the baker woman's hair.

Yellow is your fingers absentmindedly tapping out a tune on the steering wheel on a late afternoon drive.

Yellow is a cat nap in the sun.

Yellow is the grains of sand you find at the bottom of the suitcase you just pulled out of the closet, reminding you of the last time you were at the beach.

Yellow is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

If yellow were an musical instrument, it would be an acoustic guitar.  Or a xylophone.

Yellow is found in spring, summer, and fall, but rarely in winter.

Yellow is the color of a Thursday afternoon.

Yellow is a big grin at an inside joke.

Yellow plays well with others but is good on its own too.

Yellow is honesty and confidence and optimism. It likes to be comfortable but isn't afraid of adventure.

Today, I feel yellow.

Images: lighthouse // two girls // wildflowers // living room // fire escape // striped hallway // beach umbrellas // taxis // balloons // billy buttons // vintage peacoat


  1. Ellie! Love this idea! So insightful and fun!

  2. Delightful...and we had sunshine today....that brings yellow to my mind! :)

    1. Nice! It's been rainy and cold here so I thought I'd create my own sunshine. :)

  3. Yellow rocks!It's one of my favourite colors and this year my dear sisters have got me set up with YELLOW Toms. I'm ready to take some sunshine with me everywhere I go...just look down.
    I wonder if you were referring to the yellow room at Chemin de Bellevue 7 in Grandson ;-) That room is still yellow and it's waiting for a visit from YOU!

    1. why yes, I was thinking of that room :) Can't wait to come back for a visit!


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