Monday, April 22, 2013

A Beautiful Texas Evening and A Minor Feud

Back in February, I found some rolls of film in a drawer and took them to be developed.  Because I took a film photography class all throughout high school, these random rolls of film pop up more frequently than you'd think. Due to my lack of foresight, however, I never mark the canisters so it's usually a gamble as to whether or not there are any photos on them.

This time I totally lucked out.  I completely forgot that I took my Minolta with me when I went to Texas last year. One warm April evening, I brought it along on an after-dinner stroll with Jillian and Zippy, the rabbit.

I miss those gorgeous evening skies:

The field next to the apartment complex.  I'm sure this will all be developed into housing or shopping complexes before too long but I sure appreciated taking daily walks out there.

Bluebonnets and little yellow wildflowers, as far as the eye can see.

Zippy was not as enthused about being out in nature as we were, for two reasons: 1) she was not a huge fan of being on a leash and 2) she was also not on board with leaving the comfort of the towel Jilly carried her in. In this photo she was totally giving me her "did you want me to romp in the fields like a common bunny? lol no." face.

"Fine, I will at least sniff this flower if it means you will get the camera out of my face."

"Ok, I'm out of the towel and I tasted a blade of grass. Let's go, I have a huge stack of paperback books to chew on before bedtime."

Alas, we tried, but you can't reintroduce a rabbit raised in the lap of luxury to the wild and expect her to go for it. It took quite a few cilantro leaves and an hour of nervously chewing on the living room baseboards before she calmed down. The next day when Jillian went back to work, Zippy gave me total attitude all day, like she was blaming me for our little excursion. Then she chewed through my computer power cord out of spite. Ugh, drama.  I moved out a few weeks later.

Ok, I'm exaggerating. I did move out, but it wasn't because of Zippy.

Or was it...?

No, it wasn't. I can't lie to you guys, you have such trusting faces.
Zippy and I are totes fine now, we're both over it.  I didn't even make her pay for the power cord.  Now she has to share a house with a really excited dog named Charlie so I'm sure she's way too stressed to think about old grudges.

And that's called karma, Bunzilla.


  1. Haha. I love it. That's my diva girl!

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  3. hahaha you know what I said about your blog making me smile? This post: case in point!


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