Friday, April 19, 2013

Postcard Exchange

A couple of months ago (has it really been that long?), the fine folks over at 20 Something Bloggers arranged a random postcard exchange among its members. I signed up, eager to get to know my fellow bloggers (and add to my postcard collection). I was a little disappointed at the response, however. Out of the four people I sent postcards to, I only got two back.

Rather than stick a stamp on a picture of cornfields (i.e. the majority of postcards depicting my home state), I was inspired to create my own.  Staples Copy & Print center allows you to upload your own image to its site and they will print out professional-quality postcards for you.  You can pick them up at the nearest store location or have them mailed to you.  Using an image from the Hubble telescope (all of which are public domain, how cool is that?) and one of my favorite encouraging quotes, I created this image in Photoshop:

Within an hour I was picking up 20 glossy postcards from my local Staples. Then it got me thinking.  How fun would it be to exchange postcards with my readers?

If you're interested, use the 'Email Me' link in the sidebar to send me your address and I will send you a postcard.  No obligation, but I will send you mine in exchange if you want to return the favor. Later, I'll post a picture of all the postcards I receive.

If you are a Creative Challenge winner and interested in receiving a postcard, I already have your address so you can just leave a note in the comments below.

So what do you say, friends? Let's brighten up each other's mailboxes, shall we?


  1. Ellie! I would love to do this...sounds like a wonderful idea!

  2. Count me in please!!!! and that postcard is BEAUTIFUL! nice job! i've been geeking out on the hubble gallery site all morning since I read this :-)

    1. thanks Alaina :) isn't it just lovely? Amazing what beautiful things are out there beyond our little world.

  3. Replies
    1. yay! I will shoot you an email with my address :)

  4. Send me your addy! I've been meaning to make some post cards myself so will send you one too. :)


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