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Ever since I saw this post on Roald Dahl, I've been re-reading a few of his classic tales. James and the Giant Peach is a particular favorite, along with The Witches. And who can forget Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I think people spend so much time arguing over which version of the movie is better, they forget the book outdoes them both. (But if we're still arguing, the 1971 version wins by a mile. Gene Wilder IS Willy Wonka, no contest.)  And while we're talking, Charlie and Great Glass Elevator was perhaps even better than the first book. What a fantastical story. Now THAT would make a great movie....


I’ve been obsessed with Birdy ever since her version of “Skinny Love” was featured as the Single of the Week on iTunes. She does the most beautiful covers of shamelessly hipster bands like Phoenix, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes. She delivers the melody with a soulful voice that sounds much older than her 16 years. Below is "1901".  Another favorite is a cover of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain".

  Birdy - 1901 by OfficialBirdy

I'm in the process of moving rooms at my parents house and am excited at the prospect of a blank space to make my own. I went with light grey walls and all white bedding because I want the statement to be in the accents. Lately I’ve been inspired by bright color-blocked neon (I know, I'm so on trend right now), pewter-colored glitter, and bold graphic patterns, like this print I found on Tumblr and these pillows & covers from Etsy.

With that in mind, I'm working on a couple of slightly kitschy paintings for my new walls:
I love Coldplay and this video for their song "Paradise" is just too cute for words.

I've never made a galette and I have no idea why, since it is basically pie for lazy people. And I'm super good at being lazy. Plum season is huge in Switzerland right now and my dear friend Audrey used to make a delicious plum galette for dessert that we would have with tea after the kids were in bed. Good memories. :)

My family is having a little cookout for Labor Day and I'm thinking a ripe peach galette is the perfect way to round out the summer.


  1. Birdy is on repeat in this house too, from your Spotify! gimme somma that galette..

  2. Roald Dahl is and will always be my favorite author. I'm pretty sure you just reaffirmed our life long friendship yet again!


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