Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Hearts Under A Burlap Banner

 Bradly + Eva = Saturday, July 7, 2012

My sister and the love of her life tied the knot on a bright July morning in Spicewood, Texas in a grove of twisting madrone trees.  The sun was high and hot and the air was already swimming with humidity.  Bright sunshine glinted off the lake behind them as they took each other’s hands and promised their whole hearts for their whole lives.   Overhead, a jaunty burlap banner that spelled ‘Forever’ in red fluttered in the breeze.  The two families were clustered around them, some standing, others sitting on wooden benches and chairs. There were just twenty of us and we sang ‘O Teach Me How to Love’, our voices and faces mixed with tears.

I stood next to my brothers and we cried as we watched our sister step into a new chapter. We were happy and sad and overwhelmed at the change before us. Happy to see her smiling her heart out, sad that it would never quite be the same again and overwhelmed (in a good way) that our family circle just opened up and a whole new collection of sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles piled in. I was even a little bit scared, because she was crossing a line that couldn’t be uncrossed, entering in to an experience all by herself.  She’s my oldest and best friend; as different from me as the night from day but part of the gravitational force that keeps me tethered.  She will always be my younger sister but it feels as though she passed me that day, suddenly more grown-up with a new last name and a new role to play.

As the heat increased, we were driven indoors to sit at a long wooden table and eat lunch together under the ceiling fans running on high.  We laughed and talked and it struck me how seamlessly the day was progressing. I was glad that our two families got on so well but I realized it’s because we share the thing that’s most important.  I look forward to spending more time getting to know them in the future.

And then as quickly as the day began, it was over.  In flurry of well wishes and car doors, the bride and groom were off to their Jamaican honeymoon. We washed the dishes and took down the decorations and ate the leftover cupcakes. When the work was done, we sat on the cliff overlooking the lake and watched the evening sun dissolve into the horizon.  It was perfect and beautiful and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it all.

I love you, dear Eva and I'm so excited and happy for you.

For those of you who haven't already seen all my photos, they are posted here .  They are my own snapshots from the day.  The first and last photos in this post are two of the professional shots that I snagged from the photographer's website; the rest are currently only available to people who are Facebook friends with my sister.


  1. my tears were & are for the same reasons. miss you so much and can't believe it's here & gone already, but also excited for visits and a family I can share. thanks for capturing the day with your words. LOVE that picture of us. I LOVE YOU.

  2. Oh, Ellie, this is such a beautiful post! YOU ARE such beautiful girls! Congrats to your sister :) and lots of love to you all the way from NZ xx

  3. Ditto the above comment- this is a beautiful post! And I know the feelings! I loved the part about 'the whole new collection of sisters, brothers, etc, piling in'. Coming from a family where it was always 'just us' (because of our background) it was exciting to suddenly have other people to be connected with!


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