Sunday, March 11, 2012

The last 3 weeks

So yes, it's been rather light on updates around here but I have been living up to my name, traveling here and there and everywhere for the last few weeks. I'm finally in Texas and having a good ole' time. 

To bring you up to speed, I left Massachusetts on February 9th and spent the next four days visiting friends in western and eastern New York before heading to my parents' house in Indiana. 
I spent a week and a half there before hopping back in the car with my dad for the long trip south. After two days of driving we arrived in Houston where we spent a beautiful weekend with my sister. For the last two weeks I have been traveling back and forth between Houston and Temple, hanging out with my sister and getting settled in the apartment in Temple. 

Now that she's off to a beautiful wedding in Hilton Head, I'm back in Temple, just in time to wave goodbye to my pal Adam who leaves this evening for Afghanistan. I don't envy him, he's looking at a few months in the freezing Afghan mountains defending the country. I wish you well, Adam. Be safe and hurry back! Meanwhile, Jilly and I (and a rabbit named Zippy) will keep the home fires burning. Until next week when the temperature shoots through the roof

Anyway, here are a few polaroid-ized cell phone shots from the last three weeks:

 A cold but lovely Massachusetts evening sky bids me and my overpacked car adieu! (Don't worry, I didn't drive all the way to Texas with this much stuff.)

The sunset in Connecticut almost made the bumper to bumper traffic worth it. Almost.

New York hidden treasures: Great Aunt Margaret's colored glass window collection and my cousins' candy store. 

Helloooo Texas! In case you forget where you are, all the overpasses kindly remind you.

Overpriced cowboy boots and proudly displayed flags every 50 yards. It's the Texan way, y'all.

Lovely weather mostly. mid 70s and sunny. Grin.

 Unemployment rules the day. Current projects include learning how to knit and making my own greeting cards. I just may open my own Etsy store...

and of COURSE no trip to Texas is complete without a stop in College Station to see my bestie Hatley Nell! (Cowboy hat not included)

Whew. Lots more to tell but it's Sunday evening and there's sunshine and barbeque to be had. 
Hope all is well with my friends scattered far and near. :)


  1. "She's alive and well," her mother sighed with relief.

  2. Hey, it was only cold for about a week! now it's in the 80s... I guess they don't have spring here. Unless spring is always this hot. In which case, Spring is NOT cool! Pun intended....
    I'm glad to be reading something entertaining for once and not depressing reports.


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