Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day

First of all, this post has nothing to do with Saint Patrick. Full disclosure, I have no idea who he is or what he did for the people of Ireland. The last few centuries have been pretty hard on Ireland though so if they need something to celebrate, then by golly, they can party til shamrocks fall from the sky.  But in this country, it seems to be just another excuse to drink during the day while wearing green. Me? I'm not Irish, not an alcoholic, and not impressed.

So I spent today like any other Saturday in Texas (which brings the total count of Texan Saturdays up to four). Aka doing only the things that please me. And not wearing green.

Which means I went for a morning stroll in the empty field next to the apartment complex.

And then I went to Round Rock with Jillian to shop, eat and generally avoid the SXSW crowds in Austin.

J. Crew was having a sale so I definitely bought my little brother a lobster tie. You know, just in case my parents get invited to any clam bakes at their imaginary country club. Or buy a yacht.

We put on our best pretentious faces to eat appetizers at a restaurant featuring "gourmet backyard cuisine". Does that mean I ate slow smoked brisket tacos instead of regular el-paso-mix beef tacos? Yes, yes it does. And they were delicious. 

I completed my exhausting day with a few minutes poolside, but only until my mint lemonade granita was gone. Quelle d├ętresse.

I'm going to bed early so I can recover from such exertions and get ready for another fulfilling week of unemployment.

So thanks, St. Patty. I had a super relaxing day. Happy Birthday or whatever.
Same time next year?


  1. I'm probably less than half Irish and don't actually like green, but I'm wearing my 'Keep Calm and Irish On' tshirt with pride =)

  2. I love the wit. Dad

  3. I always thought SXSW sounded sort of interesting... and as a co-author of 3six5 a few yeas ago, I was even invited to attend... from Europe. You know, day trip.
    So it's not all I might have imagined? heh. What a surprise.... ;)
    I would love to see whichever little bro wearing that tie! On your parents' yacht. Sailing the pond that will cover that golf course out back.

  4. I keep proving I'm not a robot. It makes me feel so... so... real.


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