Wednesday, February 22, 2012

and while I have your attention

I'm going to Texas.

That's my new adventure, the one I keep forgetting to tell you about.

As you may or may not know, I've left Boston. For the last week or so, I've been back at my parents' house in Indiana. The bakery job is done. Well, for now. It's there if I want to go back to it. 
And I may, who knows. I liked Massachusetts. And I miss my coworkers. Such a fun group of people. 
Quick draw!

But I'm ready for something new again. New job, new people, new view from my window.
Or, as it may appear to you, the wind has changed directions again and off I go with it.

Whatever. This blog is called "Hither and Yon" for a reason.  Perhaps in the future, my biographer will title this chapter of my life story, "The Wandering Years". I'll leave that to his or her discretion.

Anyway, what awaits me in the Lonestar State?
Well, my sister and some very dear friends, for starters. I cannot wait to see them all.
Secondly, I have a place to stay, temporarily.
If I can find work, if I like the area, perhaps there will be a life for me there.
But I could also hate it and be back north before March is even hot off the presses. Hopefully that's not the case.

And that's it, folks. Now you know as much as I know. 
Thursday morning, my dad and I are hopping in the trusty Volvo and heading to Houston. We'll spend the weekend with my sister and then I depart for Austin(ish).

This could be the start of something great. 
Or just a really long and expensive roadtrip vacation.
Whatever it is, I'm open to the possibility.

Now really I must get back to the suitcases.


  1. FINALLY a resolution to the cliff-hanger I've been embarassingly distracted by. I live vicariously through all these cousins who get to do things other than smack the snooze at the SAME time every morning and head off to the not-so-exciting responsible working-adult jobs...

  2. come on down, sweet cheeks :)

  3. Good luck with your latest adventure!! I have cousins in Austin(ish) with the three of the cutest little girls.... Bonne chance!! :)

  4. I hope opportunities will abound in Texas, Ellie! If nothing else, an opportunity to continue to learn and grow during these "wandering years." Best of luck, good wishes, and enjoy a bit of shopping at Riverwalk if you get to San Antonio!

  5. I missed you at your folks' a few weeks back (but it was lovely to be there again, at that table with them and Sam and Spencer again... even if the girl-people were missing). All the best in TX!


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