Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What do these things have in common?

Answer: They're all in Boston, Massachusetts.

Well, from Boston. Or live there. Or are just named after it.

Ok my POINT is, I'm moving to Boston. Well, a town just outside of it.
But technically---
well you know what I mean!!

It's been really really nice to be home in Indiana. It's part of me. Literally, my blood probably contains part corn syrup.
But now it's time for another adventure.

And so eastward it is! I'll be living with my favorite Massachusetts family....my dear Berwaldts!
And hopefully working in a bakery (fingers crossed).

But mostly I'll be learning to appreciate roundabouts, and Mansard roofs, and no sales tax, and the Cape, and windy roads, and talking fast, and Shaws grocery stores, and the Celtics.

Nope, already appreciate the Celtics. and Mansard roofs. 

Oh, and being many hours closer to some of my best friends.

Yeah, that'll do it.
See you soon, coasties.

The pictures are, as follows:
1. yours truly          2. Boston Brown Bread
3. cousins               4. Boston terrier
5. aunt and uncle   5. Boston Tea Party


  1. This is pleasing. Not AS pleasing as you moving to say, the historic state capital where WAshington crossed the Delaware to trounce the Hessians, but closer is still positive movement. We can finally rectify your horrific missing of the great apple.

  2. Wah hooo! here's to adventures!

  3. better practice drinking irish car bombs.

  4. WAHOOOOOO! ELLIE THIS IS SO EXCITING! EXCEPT. wahhhhhh i want to go with you. or at least see you before you go. OKAYYYYY.

    when do you leave?!?!?!??

  5. When, dear Ellie, when?? I want to at least see you once more before you embrace your inner Bostonian.


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