Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Sweet Tuesday

This Tuesday began with sleeping in, even with the windows open. And breakfast with my favorite cereal & the comics page of the newspaper. And appreciating the beauty of the (late) morning.

And then a trip to the dentist, which I find oddly relaxing. Except for when I'm laughing so hard that the hygienist accidentally stabs me in the gums. Why? Because she was telling me a story of when she almost got into a fight with some woman at a Rick Springfield concert.  Normally she is just a mild-mannered Midwesterner, devoted mother of two, who cleans my teeth every six months. But girl, you just try and get in her way when her favorite 80s pop singer reaches out to touch her hand. Mmhmm, this "Jessie's Girl" 'bout to put her fist in yo FACE.  And so you can see why that mental picture had me in stitches (almost literally).

Moving on,

The sweetness was a little bitter because it was my last day with my buddy PJ. 

P-man. Blonde-headed, not yet standing on his own, sometimes calls me "Ai-ya" or "Da-da", depending on the day. Wears guitar-printed onesies like it ain't no thang. Nods his head whenever music plays. Puts everythingeverythingeverything in his mouth. Squeals with joy when he sees his sisters and likes to use Callie (the family dog) as a footstool. Primary form of communication is pointing and grunting. Likes to rest his head on my shoulder after his nap, because he's not quite ready to deal with being fully awake yet.

My absolute favorite not-quite-one year old. 

And his big sisters. Who I had the privilege of spending part of their summer break with for the last 3 years. Sweet as pie, the both of them. Different as night and day but in a way they will come to appreciate when they are older.  

We couldn't spend our last day doing boring stuff like homework and watching Callie drool while she sleeps. 
So we filled it with sweetness:
Sno-cones, climbing trees, a trip to Target, driving with the windows down, fits of giggles as we put various hats/scarves/shades on ourselves & PJ, buying as much candy as we could for $5, playing "twisty-twist" on the swings, and laying in the grass watching PJ intently pick tiny pebbles out of the dirt and put them in the grass, appreciating being outside at the end of summer. 

And goodbye hugs.
And a promise to bring by one more loaf of bread in the morning.
(That last one was me.)

Thanks for such a sweet day.
Miss you already.
Be good.

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